sâmbătă, 14 ianuarie 2012

Just dance!

I just want to dance.In a red shirt,in the woods,under the pouring rain.The energy building up inside of me is just too much to handle.On the street,in the middle of summer,wearing nothing but a flowery dress.To experience the freedom,the purity of every fluent movement-what a bliss!On a starry night,by a campfire,with the cold sand beneath my bare feet.To breathe as if every soul that had ever roamed this Earth has decided to breathe through and with me at the same time.On my bed,in torn up pajamas,listening to music older than my parents.The thrill,the kick,the ecstasy.Beside my best friends,in a crowded room,with a tequila burning my throat.How wonderful it is to be young and oblivious!In the heart of a sickening mist,weary,with tears rolling down my cheeks.To feel is to suffer,isn't it?And how it does...Naked,wild,empty,in the core of the Cosmos,waiting to be overflown with all the beauty that the world has to offer. I just want to dance!

"De ce sa consideri fructul inferior florii?"

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