joi, 12 ianuarie 2012

Comfortable countdown

time can wait.
fear can wait.
death can wait.
the world now revolves around
a paper-mache triangle
that no one dares to touch,
not even with a tear.
he can wait.
you can wait.
the rest can wait.
our dreams have begun to
spontaneously combust before our very eyes,
bending clocks and corrupting minds
of innocent cadavers.
friends can wait.
wars can wait.
Armageddon can wait.
by simply giving birth to our own selves,
we could,one day,(re)write history in CAPITAL LETTERS
of poison and mud.
serenity can wait.
enlightenment can wait.
decay can wait.
the light of chaos beams upon my face
like a never-ending scar.
I can't wait.

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