sâmbătă, 2 martie 2013

All good things need a beginning

Stupid dreams.Cozy sheets.Lovely awakening.Tasty food.Heavenly coffee and morning gossip.Flying clothes around the house.Familiar trip.Flowers and presents for spring's pride and joy.Sweets and things.Compliments I don't deserve from people I barely know.Coming home to running kittens.Another cup of coffee,if you please!Brotherly chat.The perks of not knowing when to stop eating.A tiresome essay.New music from an old band that makes forgotten memories come alive once again.My place at the table,my weird way of sitting there,a darling Saturday afternoon.Dim light inside,glowing bricks outside.A gray and sneaky cat.Troublesome willpower.Snowdrops and ladybugs for my special ladies.Panic in the making.Avoiding responsibility (as always) .Feeling like both a child and an adult at the same time.Playful dog and inquisitive fluff balls.Laughing with dad.Wounded toe.Greeting mom.Mint chocolate.Sinking bed.Comfortable spot.Brief enthusiasm.Dark green hall.Milk and snacks.Midnight laughs.Pointless blogs.White and blue toothpaste.Coffee craving and making plans.Kitchen conversations.Dragging chores.Lost movie.Cluttered room.Revived memories.Ivory sheets.Calling sleep.Fin.

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