luni, 4 martie 2013


On the one hand,I'm sleeping more,better and sweeter.On the other hand,I'm wasting time and there's nothing I can do about it.Balance sometimes sucks,to be honest.Chaos is more productive.

I always oscillate between wanting to look like a proper queen and ending up dressing like I haven't taken my sanity pills in a while.It's hard to stay motivated in a town overflowing with beautiful people,while simultaneously having the self-esteem of a depressed sloth.Even so,I sometimes get it right-and it feels so damn good...

Unbelievable!Dude,there's a fine line between covering up your mistakes and blatantly bullshitting your way out of a situation and some people cross it without a hint of remorse.For instance,I'll admit my mistakes,reluctantly or not.But to have someone just sway me through a daze of half-truths makes me want to laugh my ass off.So I don't start crying,that is!Why do I even...

How do you know someone has a crush on you?I obviously know when I have a crush on somebody (duh!),but my girl-sense is kinda telling me it might be the other way round this time.Amazing,right?As surreal as it may seem,I don't really want to be the actual "crush".It's too much emotional responsibility,no matter how you put it.

I rely too much on music and imagination to keep me sane and that's an issue.Meh,it could be worse.

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