duminică, 10 martie 2013

Lace skirt and spring winds

A rainy Sunday morning means no new black sneakers,but a cozy cocoon-as one famous commercial would put it: "priceless".And shoeless,I might add.

A second cup of coffee within 2 hours ,that sneaky gray cat fiddling between my slippers and "Radioactive"  by Imagine Dragons -I could get used to this,you know.

By this time of the day,I'm usually panicking,but thank God for TV shows!If I can't laugh when it's their rightful time,I'll settle for the reruns.

I hate leaving,but,somehow,spring has become a catalyst for my explosive pre-train jitters.In a good way,that is.

Lace skirt,spring winds and too many familiar faces-I sometimes feel my life is not my life at all,but a movie which I powerlessly witness through the eyes of the main character.Oh,God!Oh,God!Oh,God...

If only I knew how to paint nature's wonders!If only I could sing life's miracles!If only this train wouldn't be so keen on stirring my entrails like a sardonic barman!At least the company is nice...

Trading boots for "normal people shoes" makes me feel like a goose.It's nice,though.I'm a nice goose,after all.

Arriving on a sunset's closing act,carrying heavy food,staring at gorgeous strangers on the subway-welcome to Bucharest,boys and girls!Throw in a splitting headache and some homework and you'll get to experience "the real deal".Stupid eyes...

I need to fall in love,in lust,in forever,

"It's a revolution,I suppose..."

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