joi, 28 martie 2013

Purple headache

to my Ezra Miller look-alike from the subway

thank you
for making my heart beat faster
and my headache grow numb
with your eyes.

thank you
because,when I saw that denim silhouette,
my knees began to tremble
and I didn't know whether to blame
your disturbing presence
or my churning stomach.

thank you
for looking ungodly alike
a person who makes me so happy.

thank you
for being a balm to soothe the wounds
caused by a day
which took me to war
and through anger beyond
any handsome words.

thank you
for making me believe,
if only for a grain of time
and an iron howling,
that someone could,someday,
pick me and say "my darling".

thank you
for something
my words can't encompass in their pettiness.

thank you,
strangest of strangers,
for being where you where

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