miercuri, 4 decembrie 2013

Floating hours

Some days aren't even worth the trouble,to be honest.
In retrospective,they seem to have been meant for a prolonged nap and maybe some strong liquor (to numb the nightmares).Why waste that much energy just to have the pointlessness of everything displayed in front of you like a burlesque show?
I never do let everything sink in- that is except for when I'm idle and prone to overthinking all the small details we tend to overlook in our daily routine.Then things get out of hand and out of logic and I start to freak out and I don't want to talk about it anymore.
Now I can say I truly understand those people who wouldn't be caught dead wasting time by doing nothing- activity keeps your mind busy,away from the hurtful ghouls of human confinement.Too bad my bones are drenched in laziness.I guess I must bear the curse of my own formation...
I'm staring at the ceiling,but no epiphany is going to drip from it onto my forehead soon.Maybe if I'll concentrate enough,I'll become a plant.In some aspects,I already feel like one,so why not embrace it wholeheartedly?Good God...
Remember when I mentioned I severely lack courage?Well,nothing has improved in that particular area.
Stupid,floating hours...

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