miercuri, 11 decembrie 2013

Vapid days

Lost,lost,lost.Utterly lost.
These are vapid days that contribute to my being with no more than ticking hours,endless needs and growing headaches.Waking up feels wrong and going to bed becomes pointless- everything in between is just a hazy labyrinth which I can't seem to defragment on time.
Still,there's no escaping from the chaos,only momentary blindness and numbing of your soul's senses.Chores are gathering like black armies all around,a rush of inevitable loss,yet I can't gather the strength to face them.
I get scared,I've always been so.Of everything and anything,especially when I take a step back and contemplate the horizon of my own life.I know I won't change the world,but must I really feel like I'm just...there?
I wish the person standing in the mirror could talk back more wisely.I wish the person in my mind would become real one day soon.I wish I could somehow view myself as a person in its full substance once again.
Such days are tiresome...Not because they greedily steal time,but because they emphasize its loss.
My tongue is sticky and completely annoyed.

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