joi, 5 decembrie 2013

Not people

They are not people.
They are but glass figures that break everything in sight,for fear of not being crushed themselves.
They single you out with scheming eyes that twist kindness into perversity and love into condemnable lust.
They disguise their need to use and abuse under sweet masks that sometimes crack and ooze.
They take advantage of even the slightest display of humanity because they seem to consider it a flaw or a weakness.
They smile when facing you,but grin when you turn your back.
They have souls that come through in the end as wounded animals.
They know how to win battles with a minimum of effort because they draw success from others like parasites.
They never know how to take a hint or,maybe,they pretend frighteningly well.
They render me very,very,very tired.
They desire to conquer and command and I don't have the willingness to stand in their way anymore.
They say "thank you!" while the rattling of a snake echoes in the background.
They are the reason why I lost my faith in the human race- because I know bad breeds don't easily go extinct.
They don't deserve names,only slight shrugs.
They are not people- not to me.

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