marți, 24 decembrie 2013

I don't get it

It doesn't feel like a holiday anymore,not one single bit.
I remember being a kid and taking pictures under the Christmas tree.I remember the sweetness of everything around me and how it felt right falling asleep while waiting for Santa Claus.I remember an innocent sort of happiness I'll never feel again.
Time went by and here we are now.What happened along the way?Where is at least one spark of that young magic?Why do I seem to be greeting the end of something?
People are angry and I'm thinking about distant responsibilities and the lack of snow outside is making me miserable.
I don't get how tomorrow means the first day of Christmas,it's a very surreal concept.Yes,mom's making food and there are colorful lights around the windows and the TV screen flaunts the same jolly-themed movies,but...why?It might as well be a chilly August day-I'd rather be willing to ignore the calendar than admit I'm becoming more and more numb.
These are just simple days of idleness before the storm.
I miss being a child.I miss the way chocolate tasted that morning.I miss being happy and not knowing.

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