luni, 2 decembrie 2013

Unfaithful alarm clock

Why is it that nothing goes as planned for me sometimes?I mean,I've had worse nights and yet I've managed to get up on time and go to class.Today was not one of those days...
No,sir,I woke up with the sun blazing through the windows and a general gut feeling of "Fuck!".Anyway,I dragged myself out of bed and the rest is history (and by "history" I mean "another shitty day").
Mondays usually are chunks of meaningless time,but that's another thing altogether.The main idea is that the smallest of things can make the most "majestic" of human constructions crumble.My little devil was a red alarm clock today,which I don't even remember "meeting" at the appointed time,but whatever...
I'm tired and I'm pissed on life.I'm lacking that spark which turns "survival" into "living" and I'm willing to slide into oblivion.
I don't know,man,I'm just so...strange.Strange-a stranger when facing my own core,when meeting familiar people as if for the first time,when waking up in the morning to see a 7:22 clock.This existence is such a peculiar thing,don't you believe?Full to the brim with questions and always so reserved when it comes to answers.
Why is it that nothing goes according to plan?!

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