duminică, 14 noiembrie 2010

3 hours

The city is here,the streets are too,
But we're far away,our thoughts break through
Everything that doesn't fit
That perfect reality
We'd kill for...

I'd hold your hand but there's no need-
I see your eyes and leaves are falling,
Tears are dying,
Men are lying.
We're one,yet two in the same shell.
We've been through Heaven an Hell alike
And I wonder:
How much more?Will there be anything we won't be able to mend?
My soul shrinks,my lungs scream-
One sad future I don't want to predict...

I hear us talking but I can't understand a word,
We've grown apart,don't I know...
I'm not slow,yet you're not fast-
Maybe we're just running on different tracks.

You'll one day crash again into my arms.
And I'll crash into yours.
But we don't fit like we used to,
Time is slipping away...

I'd take this night and put it in a bottle
And drink from it when I cry.
Even though our blood is not the same
You're like my sister-
I will not stray.I swear.
I pray.