joi, 25 noiembrie 2010

Sweet dreams are made of this...

I could live forever in this most perfect dream,
A flawless cocoon 
Which guards what I really what,
The true colour of my shy heart!

The feeling follows me a day,or two,or three,
Makes me sink into absolute bliss,
An Universe created especially for me,
For my hopes and dreams,my love and sins.

An overdose of my own mind smudging the two eyes
I use to alter reality in a mischevious way.Everyday.
I know it's a trick,but I carry on.I ignore the obvious lies.
I'll wake up in the near future,I'll stare,I'll maybe even cry...
Some illusions just can't wash away the permanent fray
Of our lives...

The love I can nurture for some people disgusts me.

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