marți, 9 noiembrie 2010

I believe in nothing

I have an enemy.
He lives comfortably inside my chest,taking up so much  space,
Twisting,turning,coughing stars and punching my ribs
Until they turn the most outrageous shade of purple.
My enemy is like a grape-vine,growing all the time,
Swirling,crawling,capturing my breaths in his mumble
Of silent curses,whispers,strange noises...
Flames!My flesh is being burnt by the passion
Of my youth!
My uninvited guest,how I wish you were not here...
Not in me,not killing,not possesing!
Damn you!Damn you!Damn you three times!
I have no judgement,no unaltered smile,no pride.

I believe in nothing,
I'm patiently waiting to finish
This permanent visit to the asylum.
The walls are crashing in.
My stomach is flooded with acid.
I'm fading away,
Like the dust from a busy highway.
Remote relatives I never get to see.

2 comentarii:

Ada spunea...

o ador ! atât de vie, atât de "exact asta simt şi eu" .. :x

Adriana spunea...

eu ma simt de prea mult timp asa,incep sa resimt the side-effects:(