sâmbătă, 13 noiembrie 2010

Lift me up,let me go...

Sins?What sins?Oh...All of them?
Yes,I created,I don't regret,I will pay 
The price for my decay.
Hell?Of course,not a pleasant house
With all those flames,and bones,and pain.
I'll take my chances,plunge into the deep,
Crash and weep,
Curse and sweep the mayhem
Of my bare feet.
Scars,bruises,blessed feeling
Of life through its most rebellious form:
What a drug,what a love..

I like kissing death on the forehead and then pushing it off the cliff-
The most enticing sight I've ever seen.
The rush is not to be overseen,I mean,
How many times in a lifetime can you say:
"This is not a dream.
I'm my own queen
And I control destiny!"

But...I feel it here;
Cold reality.It's all in my head,nothing more,nothing less.
I'm a coward and I can but confess.
It's always like this:
You get the laughs,
I get the tears...

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