miercuri, 24 noiembrie 2010

Houston,we have just landed on Mars!

Rocket's empty,soul is weak,
I've landed on your heart:
It feels like a hollow brick!

Mars is full of life and joy
Compared to this!
Oh,I wish I were a fairy,
A god,some kind of magic being
To bring you to life!
You'd be in my hands like a toy:
You'd be the apple,I'd be the knife...

You can't love!
You're wicked and sad,
Just like a puppeteer that's forgotten
How to smile!
I pitty you,I really do...
A stone that can't move,
An eagle that can't fly,
A devil that can't cry...

Laugh it all away!Weep it all today!
Do whatever will make you feel for at least one second
That you can breathe!
Or something!
An emotion is all I need.
It's all I need to prove myself I haven't landed on a barren planet
Of a heart
That can't even pretend to posses an action
It was designed for
In the past.

Turns out,pain really is fruitful.

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