duminică, 21 noiembrie 2010


Breathe in,breathe in...

We're on the hood of your old car,
Drinking whiskey and rum,

"Remember the time when we used to scream and shout,
Dance in the rain,
Love to hate and never follow the crowd?"

"Yeah,but that's the past now...
We've grow.We're old."

"Seventeen years old.Remember?"

"You never let me forget!
In front of us it seems to be 'forever',
But I can't feel a damn thing!
No happiness,no pain,no nothing.I'm numb."

"You're young!And free!What more do you need?"


"That's not part of the bargain."

"I know..."

"Pass me the bottle!"
"Which one?"

"The one that's still full!"

"Yeah...Let me count!Uhm...None!"

"That sucks!"

"Let's roll..."



"Let's go!"

We're in your car that smells like tar and lavander,
The moon gazing upon our naked lips and playful hands.
The headlights are the only stars we need.
Look at the calendar on the dashboard!
Oh,November,you're so mean!
I need a coffee.Some sleep.And,if I'm not asking too much,
A life maybe...

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