joi, 4 noiembrie 2010

These days...

These days you have to lie and cheat and steal
To get yourself noticed and acquire
That oh! so desired fame.
Get naked,get low,get stupid,
Become a shattered jewel
Of this empire turned into cruel
There's nothing else to do but
Fall along with the crowd,
See the end with glass eyes
Of bruised desires,
Hollow hearts and talking
A mirror will do you no good,
You'll just recognise the ugly which covers your skin,
Clashes with your once harmless hands and pretty teeth.
Rock bottom.Muddy fields.Killed our savior
We have with the swords of our sharp tongues.
The forbidden word,it seems...

We're just unhappy clowns
That make monsters out of balloons
And call them "inanimated pets"-
Our feelings,better yet...

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