duminică, 7 noiembrie 2010

Wouldn't it...?

Wouldn't it be something?
To see ourselves the way others do,
With perfection in flaws and ugly in our supposed beauty?
Like a gate that leads to minds so different,so wild,with no
Fears or borderlines...
A neverending story of one mortal being
That carries with him the legacy of his breaths,
His faith,eternal feelings.
It could be the most illuminating experience of our history
In this shallow pond we name "life".
But it's hard,dare I say impossible, to trade your eyes with
It would be like trading in yourself for another.
"Unique" is our title,"Surviving" our game,
There's no instruction manual or led rules
To go by in this speeding hourglass we have...
I need a heart beat to guide my steps
And whisper to me:"It's OK,
One second at a time,
You're not being chased by untamed rhymes!"
Wouldn't it be fun to know exactly what they think,sense,experience?
It would,but I'd rather know myself
Before venturing into other dark forests that haven't found yet

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