duminică, 21 noiembrie 2010

I'm in love with my own sins.

Everytime you steal my innocence,

Everytime you look at me with your devilish eyes,

Everytime you buy me with a coffee,

 Everytime the sky suddenly turns blue and the road becomes wider than ever before,

Everytime I hear that soul's guitar,

Everytime I dream as loud as the bright stars,

Everytime I see this,

I just know it's gonna be a perfect day.
Today was a perfect day.
What a bliss!

4 comentarii:

elena spunea...

pur si simplu iubesc postarea asta....superbe imagini:X:X

Adriana spunea...

multumesc :"> :)

Ada spunea...

i'm in love with your sins too :-" :X :*

Adriana spunea...

:)) :* <3