vineri, 12 noiembrie 2010

La nuit du chasseur

 Unhealthy attraction towards flames&fire&co. lately.Enjoying the sensation that I could die any moment but that,for some strange reason,I continue to hear a heart beat.My own.Peculiar sensation,peculiar indeed...


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Isa spunea...

You used one of my pictures in this blog entry without giving credit to me. The link to my original picture can be found by following this link >>
I ask you to remove my image immediately or to include a link to my site or a copyright message. If you refrain from taking any of the above mentioned steps I will notify Google about this infringement and your blog will probably be closed.
If you should doubt that this photography is copyrighted feel free to check it by visiting

yours sincerely
Isabella Bauer

Adriana spunea...

I am really sorry this happened and,as you can see,I removed the picture.
Once again,my sincere apologies for this inconvenience.