miercuri, 22 mai 2013

Aches and assholes

Let me tell you a story about a girl who is taken for a fool one time too many nowadays and is this close to bashing somebody's head against a wall in frustration.
It's not like this girl has to study or sleep or,I don't know,have a fucking life-no,no,no,she has to indirectly cater to the consequences derived from other's broken promises and general ignorance.
You'd think that,after all these years,"girl" got used to such assholes and learned to ignore them.Well,once in a while,wisdom gives way to pure rage,stinging silence and not so tamed sass.
You have to admit,an apparently collapsing body and social Hell in the making don't add up to the best combo.
Girl goes to college,girl is (too damn) nice to peers,peers become laid-back leeches (well,not all of them,but the percentage lives up to its name),girl thinks about becoming a serial killer.Joking!(not)
Maybe the oncoming storm will wash away the day,cleanse the ashes,make the girl alright once more.
Then again,this is just a story... 

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