sâmbătă, 25 mai 2013

Greedy and needy

All I do is eat and whine when I'm home.It doesn't help that grandma keeps making delicious food or that I still believe I'm the center of the Universe-still,I try to make up for the times I'm away,which isn't easy to squeeze into one single whole day.
Whether I have coffee with dad,tease my brother or gossip with mom in the evening,I try to be there for them and for myself-you know,there,there,not in front of my laptop or sleeping till noon.
Though I don't always succeed and enter my "super bitchy mode",there are days (like today) when I get to enjoy spending time with my family and get round to doing some school work.Mind blowing!A rule must have its exceptions...
Life was good today,small wonders,lazy moments and domestic sequences and all.
Now I'm writing and about to fall asleep,but I know this:whatever tomorrow brings,I had today.A beautiful today.My beautiful today.

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