vineri, 31 mai 2013

Drenched shoes

Startling song.Vibrant coffee.Last minute studying.Dreaming about distant blue eyes.Deja-vu rain.Gray picture.Crowded room.Short exam.A marble hallway full of love and hugs.Drenched shoes.Crimson tea and much needed good news.Heavy luggage.Waiting in the train station.Waving at an old and funny "monkey" friend.One road,five girls,lots of stories-just how we like it.A dad in blue and a hometown with clear cyan skies.Lusting for food and my bed.Unexpected sour cherries.Smooth coffee.Breathtaking show.Shadowy storm.Their preparations and my growing anxiety.Sinking blankets.Loud cats.A consciousness torn between a movie and an essay (spoiler alert: neither wins).Crowded place.Happy brother.A piece of advice,some directions,a lot of rules-apparently,I'm 5 years old of age.Crumpled sheets and greenish walls.My body aches because of today and tomorrow.

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