joi, 9 mai 2013

Swollen mouth

We like to think that we're strong,brave,ready to kick in and solve any problem,no matter how gruesome or dangerous it might be.What feeble fantasies do we feed...
Everything was fine up until the moment it wasn't anymore.
I saw blood and my knees went weak.I didn't know what to do,so I paced up and down the hallway.I was a coward and a bad person and I hope I go to Hell for this.But I couldn't do anything,I just couldn't.My mind froze,my hands began to tremble,I lost myself.
Nightmares do come true-all those nights when I couldn't breathe,when my mouth was clenched so tightly that I could hear the sound of teeth crushing and breaking against each other,when everything I could thing about was death.Nightmares do come true,indeed...
I can taste the blood myself,like it's in my mouth too,in my nose too,in my brain too...
Grandma's right-we are cursed.
I'm tired of death.

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