duminică, 12 mai 2013

The bitter taste of panic

There's so much to do,but so little emotional drive to access that the bomb in my skull started ticking.What can I actually do when every step I treat on the ground reveals the sound of a hollow carcass and pieces of shattered spirit slowly scraping against each other?I see no chance in winning when everything is already lost...

My mother is probably the most extraordinary person I know.She's a hero in her own right and I hate that I forget how she is a blessing in the true sense of the word.I don't have her courage,strength,will power and general ability to be awesome which I admire,but,unfortunately,not always acknowledge.Though we don't know how to show we love each other,we do.And I'm sorry for all those years when I didn't know how to be a deserving child for this mother.I probably don't know now either.But I'm trying.

I will die of a heart attack.Or a panic attack.Or a self-inflicted attack.Which is the same,really.

I hate feeling so damn scared of nothing.

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