duminică, 26 mai 2013

Washed away by the May rain

My nightmares are taking advantage of me in a most sinister and bloody way.
To wake up pen in hand and back all bent-I've seen this picture one too many times before.
Sunday is about running and throwing things around the house and complaining about how there's never enough time-there's never enough time...
My shoes are always dirty and my mind is never made up.
Mom cooks so well nowadays that it's almost a sin to eat everything in a hurry.
Leaving home will never be easy.
This blue train is getting more and more tiresome,but at least the company is nice.
Washed away,I'm being washed away by the May rain...
Exciting news,short "trips" around the room and a sweet tooth that just won't say "no".
I'm afraid to ask myself how much I'm learning and how much I'm just cramming in for an exam.
It's easier when it's just me and a blank sheet of paper.
I wonder what sort of Hell tonight will bring...

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