joi, 2 mai 2013

In my guts

There's no place to hide when you're hiding from yourself.That's the hardest part-not having where to run from yourself,from your incessant and darkened mind.
What's worse,I seem to have developed this fucking sixth sense that just knows,just puts a stamp on what's going to surely happen.And I hate it-I hate it with boiling blood and swollen eyes and a heart that won't stop cringing.Still,it's there and I can't help but notice it.
It reeked-this place reeked of death and I knew what was coming,I just didn't want it to be true.
Have you ever seen a creature die?Lungs start to freak out and mouth looks all twisted and light slowly fades away even from the greenest of eyes.
You're powerless and some fucked up "higher power" makes absolutely sure you understand and feel that to the core.
There's no comfort in the afterlife when the one before brings so much damn pain,no comfort whatsoever.
I just knew it would come to this-this place reeked of death...

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