sâmbătă, 4 mai 2013

"Blood,guts and angel cake"

The wooden door opens.The floor moans under the weight of two crimson soles that have started a demonic dance of will and power.I'm damaged and untouched,therefore I am just right.A burning iris is enough to spread the poison.My mind's a mess right now,swaying between reality and beyond,unsure about which one to let in...Imaginary blood,real blood,blood-there goes my white dress!Your hands tear open such an ugly smile on my face,all ripped around the corners and dripping scarlet kisses.Are you really here?Am I really there?The fire I'm seeing,should I be scared or prepared?Velvet guts,chocolate cake,peeled skin-what a naughty nightmare,my dear butcher!The table folds at the middle and I'm left with bruised thighs among blond splinters and oozing figs.An angel wants to sing to me,but a red shadow seals that mouth with its pointy teeth.You're not real.You're in my head.You win.

2 comentarii:

Ada spunea...

I... this sort of makes me think of Hannibal? And I really really like it? Because angels and blood. Yeah, that's just lovely.

Adriana spunea...

Bingo,love! :* And thank you!