sâmbătă, 11 mai 2013

Outta my mind

Do you ever feel like just giving up?Like life is too much and all at once and set on screwing with your brain? Like everything is pointless and you should just quit?I do and it sucks.
It sucks because I do this stupid thing were I see my pain through other people's eyes.I trivialize it.I make it seem less important than it is.I empathize with my "murderer",not myself.
My sense of self-preservation is obsolete.I sit on the floor and my mind goes blank.But it's not a reassuring void,more of a bubbling storm one.I count the hours before a kind of salvation is to come.I am so weak...
No more tears to shed,no more energy to use for anger or retribution of some sorts-completely void.That's how I feel and seem and look.Completely void...
I've lost all the essential information about myself that I had and retrieving it goes beyond painful.I don't know what to do anymore...Coffee and imagination manage to keep me alive,but for how long?
Never has insanity seemed so non-poetic to me.

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