miercuri, 23 aprilie 2014

...and again!

Why does school happen to good people?Well,not me (not yet,anyway),but my brother-which means I have to get into this routine of his as well while I'm still at home.
Ugh,why can't I suspend time and thrive on bucketloads of TV shows and coffee alone?The gods of procrastination are treating me awfully nowadays.
Anyway,maybe his starting school will jump start my academic drive as well,since I have almost forgotten I actually do attend college (apparently).What are books?What are responsibilities?What is life?!
Excuse me,I'm still emotionally compromised because "I'M WITH YOU TILL THE END OF THE LINE". Indeed,I need a moment,please.Yes,I get invested in fictional characters like that,kudos to me.
It's rough,though,having to plunge into another stream of tedious activities after a long period when your only concern was not to forget (how) to breathe.I mean,I feel even more tired than before and my interest levels are at an all time low.
Even so,I'll leave aside thinking about the future because I'm in no mood for a panic attack.
Instead,I think I'm going to rely on sweet oblivion one more day-that's all I'm good at after all.

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