marți, 1 aprilie 2014

Bicycle T-shirt

Though it may seem like a joke-and very fittingly so,I might add-I have this one T-shirt that makes me feel...different when I'm wearing it.Not "good-different",not "bad-different",just...different.
It's nothing out of the ordinary,only a two shades of green,bicycle print,colorful blouse that has something in German stapled across it.
I guess it's one of those sentiments you so very rarely experience when acknowledging your own skin.
You're that one person you get stuck with,well,for the rest of your life and there's a tendency to forget it most times.
The thing is,in this sea of "comfort" and monotony,you'll get small storms-actually looking at yourself in the mirror,getting a cut or a bruise,thinking so much that it starts hurting-which make "being" more real than you could really conjure with your imagination.
And all of this because of a lousy T-shirt,who would have guessed?
Maybe it's the small things which get to you more than,let's say,enormous catastrophes.The little tragedies or events will resonate with you because they're intensely familiar and personal.And what's more intimate than a second skin?
This has been a truly peculiar day,my friends.A truly peculiar one...

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