vineri, 4 aprilie 2014

Back and forth

The utter absurdity of things eludes me.
Why are these curtains so...lacy?
The stumps of time crawl at my feet and I cannot surpass them.
I'll read another page,I'll read another page,I'll burn another page...
To feel so wise and so absurdly hollow at the same time,what a consuming paradox.
The only solid ground my present stands upon is the quicksand of the future-how fitting!
I'm so damn tired,but this coffee is so damn good...
This room is infinitely small for an expanding sort of temporary madness.
I might just take up that offer of a "life" now,please!
I will clean,pack,pace back and forth,sing,lament-anything but actually study for tomorrow's exam...
My eyes are drowning in pink and green and pointless knowledge...
Equally bored/unwilling to study neighbors are just the thing I needed.
This time tomorrow,I'll be home and everything will have passed.
Oh,what a tedious day!

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