marți, 15 aprilie 2014

Snap out of it!

Dear me,

I know it's hard and scary and generally not worth bothering anymore at this point.But...
Do it for the ones you love dearly and who love you back.Do it for those silly cats that will most likely fall asleep at your feet tomorrow night.Do it for yourself,even though  you don't think you deserve it (or anything,for that matter).
The past few days have been rough,but you'll manage,you always do.And if you can't,you'll put on a face to mask the truth and that's that.
Does living on the ground floor make it easier or harder nowadays?Don't answer.
Keep in mind you're going home tomorrow and that all pain is temporary,even that hollow one that's too stubborn to leave your chest.
Rely on the small feats of everyday life and stop worrying about the future.It's practically impossible,I know,but I'm feeling confident in your abilities.Well,mostly because it seems like I'm addressing a stranger,not my actual self-which makes this entire exercise even weirder-but who cares.
Made you smile,didn't I?Gotcha!Now,pack your bags,say your prayers and go to bed.Your body will heal and your family will be alright.
Some lies are worth believing in,aren't they...

With love,

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