joi, 10 aprilie 2014

Soaking feet

I'll give you eternal beauty
carved into words
for a pair of dry socks

I'll trade my knowing eyes
and burdened palms
for steaming black and crimson

I'll lend you my trembling toes
for a dry umbrella

I'll renounce my fleeting wisdom
for ungrasped oblivion
warm covers

I'll throw away my crackling knees
to have a burning chest
enveloping mine

I'll twist and turn my jealous wrists
in search
of soothing balms

I'll dump aside my silent pride
for promises
I dare not conjure by myself

I'll betray my murmuring lips
for a piece
of crumbling bread

I'll curse the gods who have blessed
for I am an animal
and the storm is much too close

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Anonim spunea...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Adriana spunea...

Thank you! :)