sâmbătă, 26 aprilie 2014

"Smart" choices

Going to bed late when you have to wake up at 6:15.
Attending courses on a Saturday morning.
Asking yourself how you got such a good grade on your midterm (9) when you can barely remember how you got back home that day.
Getting back to your dorm room and heading straight for your laptop.
Deciding a nap would do you good.
Realizing your nap turned into a full blown sleeping session,which left you dazed,confused and ridiculously sleepy.
Opting to clean said room (since pigs probably live in cleaner environments) and discovering you've slept the entire afternoon on a cockroach,keeping it warm and company.
Spraying so much Killtox after you're done with your almost gruesome tasks of sweeping and mopping  foreign hair that you feel blessed to end up with only a headache (and not dead,presumably).
Trying to eat something while listening to music,only to discover a careless millipede strolling on your wall.
Procrastinating on the internet, while still having to do college homework and a movie to see (also college related).
Realizing you are fucked as Hell in this life (and,probably,the other one too).

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