luni, 7 aprilie 2014

Packed sunshine

You have to somehow survive this spiritually,you just have to...Otherwise,how would 12 straight hours of college make sense?Especially with merely 5 hours of sleep on board...
I know it sounds nuts and it most probably is,but this is life how I know it and it's taking a toll on both my stomach and nerves.
You have to laugh at a silly joke first thing in the morning.Or let the words of fine poetry sink into your bones and sprout during lonesome hours.You need to allow your friends to comfort you,even when you feel like you don't deserve it.
I mean,nothing bad will happen if you sprinkle those couple of lecture room hours with tales of better times or stealthily eaten chocolate.
Yeah,most courses are excruciatingly boring/exhausting,but there's music and stories and your imagination is always there,right?Not to mention offensive humor that only facial expressions can ever counterattack justly.
You see,these colorful lies are the equivalent of "packed sunshine" on gloomy days-you can't go around all the time with miserable prospects now,can you?Don't answer that.
Let me soothe my aching bones for a while...

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