marți, 7 septembrie 2010


I am narcissistic.I am rude.I am indifferent.And I love it.Ah!Magnificent!

Moonlight beads crash into the convict's hair
and crack and fall in screaming pain
into freedom's glowing care.
It seems as if the night had liquified 
to fill his lungs,
his brains,
his love,
his mistic chained hands
in snowdrops and steel-
why is he here?
what has he done?
what must he pay for?
is he the culprit?is he the victim?
is he both?
who will suffer the most?
His cage is infinite and the gates light 
horizon's lips.
He is us and we are him.
We are humans captured in world's womb-
will our birth come soon?
Listen to the waves.The birds.The stoned.
Your eyes shall know.