sâmbătă, 18 septembrie 2010

Too little too late

'No good friends,no bad friends;only people you want,need to be with.People who build their houses in your heart.'(Stephen King)

The place is clean.No boxes,no shelves,no memories tangled in random cobwebs.No.Only autumn's purifying wind,the wind of the change,tomorrow's breath.I've burned the papers,thrown away the dirt,made everything look as if it never were.What am I talking about?The illusion.The fact that I was blind enough to live with not enough.With scraps.With me suffering in a corner while everybody was drinking from life's bottle.No more,no more I tell you!I'll keep my pride and my heart composed,even if it implies doing so in solitute.I'll survive.I don't think the 'rent' was inaccessible,I was just asking back for what I was giving:love,attention,time.Guess I fooled myself into thinking that someday we'll be even.Stupid me,with the word  painted all over my forehead!The odds weren't THAT high...
As I was saying,the place is empty.You have officially been evacuated.No 'but's',no 'if's',no nothing,You have the right to remain silent.Everything you say will be used against you.Adios!
Place for sale!Location:my soul.Price:not negotiable.Contract lenght:a lifetime.For more information,please bring you smile to me.It will be mutual.Have a nice day!

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