joi, 30 septembrie 2010

Can you see what I'm seeing?

Kill the groove,
Kill the mood,
Kill the tune.

I'm waiting on you!

Let's do this,here,now!
Don't be cold,
Call my name,
Let's be friends,
Even more...

Not just words,not just thoughts,
Not just 'maybe'...
Face to face,eye in eye,
Intertwining breaths that feel the
Same desire.
Drink with me,
Fall in love with me,
Let me see
How it is to release
All those butterflies that aimlessly clash
Inside my body!

Take a chance!
Hear me!
I promise you won't turn away and leave.
Just say 'Yes!'!
Don't let me guess if
I should wait or go for it...

P.S.I know it's lame but sometimes love and impatience are like that.

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