duminică, 12 septembrie 2010

Do you?

Do you feel it?
Can you taste this morning's breeze?
Can you embrace your existence with ease?
Can you free yourself?
Are you numb?
Does the sunset bring you to tears?
Do you wish you could kiss his lips?
Is your life over?
Has it began yet?
Do you crave revenge?
Is night your best friend?
Does childhood become your refuge more and more?
Have the demons yet to sign on your soul?
Do poppies remind you of blood?
Have you found yourself?
Does it sometimes get inexplicably cold?
Do you like girls?Do you like boys?
Have people thrown rocks at you?
Have you loved them in return?
Do you like spring's rain?
Do your eyes become blue with pain?
Do you breathe?
Do you seek?
Do you change?
Do you?

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