miercuri, 8 septembrie 2010


Mary has some naughty dreams,
some clapping trees,
some bloody sheets.
Mary has a silver ring.
Mary likes that guy who sings.
Mary would buy a sea
of beads.
Mary wants to marry the Sun,
give birth to a son,
rearrange the stars
in a dreamer's form.
Mary saves her tears for last
and mourns her everything's lost.
Mary has her hands stained with purple
and her lips stained with love.
Mary is like a comet-
you never know,you never know...
Mary knows your neighbour
and she will pet your dog.
Mary will rape your nights
and leave you lusting for more.
Mary is not a saint,nor a sinner-
Mary is a girl,
a flower,
a believer.
Mary is changing.

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