marți, 21 septembrie 2010


Crimson falls and rusty gods,
Shooting stars and broken cars,
Feathered promises and forgotten laws,
Ugly carved eyes of dolls and stiff paws,
Curly hair with grape scent and musk,
Tainted skin and gold sprinkled dusk,
Hands on hips,lies and whips,
Screaming pleasure,
A pulsating treasure,
Sins and smiles,birds and trials,
A blood orange sliced in four,
People swimming on the floor,
Gunpowder in a flower pot,
Green apples and girls left to rot,
Coins and beads,light and greed,
Enemies with coffee cups,
Shells of friends in moldy frocks,
Me and you,you and me,
The end of the world,
A new beginning.Savage fight.
That's what I dreamt about last night. 

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