joi, 23 septembrie 2010


How many pairs of lips have you kissed?  
What did you learn from them?

About life,about death,about bliss?
About how angels fall and demons rise,
How children cry and doves plunge into insanity,
How your life can be captured in one rush  
Of blushing and orgasmic calamity?

Did their bite curse,
Did their taste became worse,
Did the warm red fade as time flew by?
Is personal history more pleasant through
Taste buds?
Is touch sometimes better than thought?
Is flesh's hunger now enough?
Can you tell somebody's desires from the flavour
Of their tongue?
Can the fleshy creators of words and spells
A desired agony?

Can you kiss without lies?
Can we skip the 'Goodbye!'s?
Can we turn into wine?

Have you seen the teardrop's sigh?

2 comentarii:

Ada spunea...

I simply love it :)

Adriana spunea...

zenchiu,zenchiu :))