duminică, 5 septembrie 2010

It hurts to set you free...

...but you'll never follow me...

I signed it for you,black letter and all...
Now I see how my hands have made
the shallow grave become a lonely
dragon's mouth!
With your blue eyes
you said 'Goodbye!'-
'Fairwell!' said I,
tears flowing on cheeks,
grim future bursting inside
my head...
The Universe weaves his own clothes,
I know,and maybe this scarf
with our names intertwined
wasn't meant to be-
Still,I miss you deeply...
Your small heart filled the shallow cave of mine
with sounds so loud they carved your memory
in every cell-
how now they scream in pain...
I may be mad,mad drown I now in sorrow!
Where is your presence's heat,the honesty of your feelings,
your God given purity of soul?
Why can't I have them all tomorrow?!
I'm sorry...
But that won't bring you back.
I killed my baby.
And I have my whole life in front of me
to face that.

We'll meet again...

To P.

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