luni, 13 septembrie 2010

Is this who you are?

I gazed the other night at the stars
and for one blissful moment imagined
they were playing cards!
It made me laugh,it made me cry,
it made me believe I had
a shred of control over...
over anything at all!
It was like I could have changed
the plans of an unknown gambler
of our commun faith!
It was like I have seen the light
at the end of a heart-shaped
It was like I have released knowingly
a tamed beast without boundaries!
But it wore off,just like a scratch
heals upon an angel's ivory
Insignifiant and helpless-
that's how dawn found me...
Why is it that only by night
we force ourselves to
be free?
It's the disguise?The mystery?The blindness?
Beats me...
All I know is that I'll never believe
in my playing cards-
just in my stars...

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