vineri, 24 septembrie 2010

Love is for free?

I find myself loving madly some people,hating with all my powers other people,and ...the rest.The dots aren't there just for the fun of it,no,no!They represent the folks that are are not yet defined in my mind's chambers.If you hadn't known by now,my mind is like a hotel and,depending on who you are and how you act like,you have a good or a bad room,with a heart-view or a stomach one (no offense intended!).Anyway,it varies.There are days when I just feel the need to hug,kiss,smother them with all my strenght and show that they do mean something to me.And...And there are those days when I just wanna kill 'em,send them straight to Hell,and then go after them just so that I can send them back again!The 'undefined' folks.You love to hate them and hate to love 'em.And how can anyone ask for you to love yourself when you can't figure out your feelings for the people around you?
If you ask me,love is not for free.You pay for it and then some.You pay because you get something and something must be given in return.The cycle that never ends.
I am confused.
I guess you are too.

(Pic for Honey-Bunny)

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