luni, 16 iulie 2012

Another world altogether with long nights and pleasant numbness.
Pitch black coffee and the scent of scrapped wood.
Lazy breaths against the rising summer heat.
Old bonds being sewn back together under an emerald sky.
Distant worlds brought into the comfort of a sizzling home.
Thoughts beyond the reach of time and space.
Cats with long tails and bright eyes.
Clocks flowing through seconds,minutes,hours with a trail of false alarm.
Untangled muscles that refuse to find anything "necessary" or even "urgent".
Moist hair sending shivers down a tired spine.
Flashbacks of silky dresses and dreadful afternoons.
No feet to pound on top of a rosy chest.
Glimpses of wholehearted smiles.
The gentle curve of songs and melodies intertwining with luscious words.
The stark night as accomplice.
The slender fingers of sleep seducing your dreams. without stress-almost.

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