duminică, 22 iulie 2012

The green grass of summer

Things I absolutely love about this season:
  • sleeping in loose pj's and having the sun shine wonderfully through the drapes in the morning
  • the never-ending supply of veggies and fruits
  • gallons of coffee and tons of films,music,art,etc.
  • spending some days in the cool climate of my own room and doing as little as it is physically possible
  • chubby cats and homemade food
  • white orchids
  • the sense of belonging to a family
  • disheveled hair and sunscreen
  • nail polish that reminds me of winter adventures
  • bathing in July's luscious light
  • the fact that my skin looks like caramel and my mind is able to smile again
  • how an old and dear friend can lighten up my afternoon
  • sodas,gossip,the sound of dusty asphalt under my sneakers 
  • the green grass of summer
  • familiar faces and theater
  • the way in which stars shine when you're at peace with the world
"We gonna get free."

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