sâmbătă, 21 iulie 2012

Idealized gods

"C'mon,baby,let's go for a ride
In your lipstick-red car,
Cigar blazin' in the sunshine!
Charmed me with your 1950s smile...
Be my James Dean!I'll be your Marilyn!
Don't overthink,honey,let's give it a try!
The radio is blastin',I'm wearing your cologne-
Where did I put my heart-shaped glasses?
Oh,no,got whiskey all over my polka dot skirt!
All you need is me and a packet of Marlboro-
Can't you see?I've fallen deep
For this crisp white shirt,smug lover!
Make me your black and white movie,
The stars are all shining for us!
No need for a script,just a kiss and some blue ink!
I'll give you my best Audrey Hepburn laugh,
You'll frown,take a sharp turn
And pretend you're Cary Grant!
What's that,sugar?We've run out of Jack Daniel's?
No worries,gonna find ourselves a gas station
And race through this fairytale with no prayers...
Now take my Grace Kelly face
In your Clark Gable embrace-
C'mon,baby,let's not make Elvis wait!

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